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A staple to the photographers income, is the product he or she sells. As Michael began putting his pricing together he realized that in order to sell smaller prints and be in any way profitable, he had to sell them at such high prices compared to retail vendors it almost made it cost prohibitive for his customers. A compromise was needed. Lets face it.... that 4x6 print does not need to be printed on the highest quality acid free archival quality paper... as such the justification of a lab quality print simply isn't there... nor is the price tag that goes with it. As a compromise to his customers, Michael allows you to get your images printed at any retail vendor in sizes up to and including 8x10 and at retail pricing. This compromise alone will save you the customer, hundreds of dollars on print sizes that are most commonly desired by his customers.
Michael feels that print and paper quality become more important as the size of the image gets larger. As such, and as a part of his Compromise.. he requires that all prints larger than 8x10 must be purchased directly from the clients web album and processed through our lab (Bay Photo) to ensure the best possible quality for his clients.

Due to the nature of the printing process and discrepancies in quality and color calibration from printer to printer, Michael cannot guarantee the results of prints made from any vendor other than directly from his lab. For best results please purchase your prints directly from your web album

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